For The Weekend: The Perfect Recipe For Sours

The Whiskey Sour is one of The GolfBlogger’s three favorite cocktails (the others are an Old Fashioned and a Manhattan). The recipe is beautiful in its simplicity, but requires quality ingredients for proper execution.

Bon Appetit has a recipe for making the perfect sours for your cocktails:

Sour Formula: 2 ounces liquor + 3/4 ounce sour + 3/4 ounce sweet

The “sweet” is most likely a simple syrup, but also could be honey, or something like a maraschino liqueur, triple sec or other sweet liquid.

Thus, a whiskey sour is whiskey, a sour made from lemon juice, an orange wheel and maraschino cherry.

Similarly, a margarita is Tequila, plus a sour made with lime juice. A mojito is rum, a lime-based sour and mint. A Gold Rush is whiskey and a honey-based lemon sour.

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