Welcome Golf Anytime – A Presenting Sponsor For GolfBlogger.Com

Welcome Golf Anytime - Presenting Sponsor

I’m happy to welcome Golf Anytime as a GolfBlogger Presenting Sponsor.

Golfers in northern states know the pain of long winters. We begin each season with a coat of rust from months of wintry cold, shake it off in April and May, enjoy improving play through each of the summer months and then — just as we reach our peak — it snows and the pattern begins anew.

Michigan-based Golf Anytime has solutions to break that vicious cycle: golf nets and hitting mats, indoor putting greens, launch monitors and indoor simulators.

Golf Anytime’s Chris Hando says that Michigan’s winters were his motivation for starting the business.

“I’d be on Tour if it weren’t for Michigan winters,” he jokes.

Every golfer in a northern state can sympathize. We enjoy the seasons. We may even enjoy skiing, snow mobiling and ice fishing. But it sure plays havoc with our golf games.

These aren’t just winter remedies, however. Even during the high season, Golf Anytime can help golfers fine tune their game between rounds with equipment from TruGolf, OptiShot, ES Tour and The Net Return.

For on the course improvement, Golf Anytime offers a selection of rangefinders and GPS units from Voice Caddie and ShotScope. Nothing inspires confidence like having an accurate distance to the flag.

Visit Golf Anytime to see how they can help keep your game in top shape in spring, summer, fall or winter.

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