Welcome Skillest Online Golf Lessons – A GolfBlogger.Com Presenting Sponsor

Welcome Skillest – A GolfBlogger.Com Presenting Sponsor

I am thrilled to have Skillest on board as GolfBlogger’s latest sponsor.

Skillest is a revolutionary marketplace app that connects golfers with world-class coaches from around the globe.

With Skillest, golfers can find the perfect coach using the app’s ratings, reviews and sample lessons. The #1 app for remote golf lessons then lets golfers record their swings and send it to their coach for detailed video analysis, drills and other feedback. Coaches can also host private Zoom lessons. Students can review every lesson they’ve taken at any time.

The advantages of online lessons are legion. As a veteran professional educator (almost 30 years at the high school level), I know that shorter, more frequent instruction, with constant feedback, is superior to the traditional model of hour-plus long classes with a single assessment at the end. The problem is that short lessons with an immediate feedback loop are logistically very difficult (if not impossible) to execute.

The school district where I teach actually has launched an online academy where students receive online computerized instruction paired with help and feedback from certified teachers. It is the wave of the future.

Elsewhere, online applications such as Skillest have the potential to be disruptors in the educational field. Students upload swing video at any time, and instructors can respond in turn. Skillest eliminates the problems of scheduling conflicts between golf instructor and golf student.

Hour long lessons no longer are the norm. Skillest lessons can be short and focused with frequent feedback — exactly as best educational practice prescribes.

Even better: Skillest can bring down the cost of instruction. Golfers with monthly subscriptions often can receive a month’s worth of instruction for the price of a single in-person lesson.

Check out Skillest to see what the #1 app for remote golf lessons can do for you.

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