West Virginia Golf Cigarette Card

In 1910 – 1911, the Murad Cigarette company produced a “college series” of collectors cards, including this one of West Virginia golf.

Cigarette cards were included in packs of cigarettes, much like bubble gum cards did later.  In addition to serving as a purchase incentive, the cards stiffened the packs.

Card topics included sports, movie stars, landscapes, natures, military figures and uniforms and heraldry.

The practice ended during the WWII due to paper rationing, and never really recovered.

I find it interesting that golf was the sport chosen to represent West Virginia University. The University of South Carolina featured women’s golf. Illinois and Millsaps Universities were other schools where golf was the featured sport. Baker University featured both men and women golfers.

Michigan”s card spotlighted football, as did Harvard. Amherst had the hammer throw. Vermont had the shot put.

West Virginia golf returned in 2015, after a 33-year layoff.

The back side of the West Virginia golf cigarette card is below.

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