Westwood A Class Act

I missed this quote from Lee Westwood on Phil Mickelson’s victory:

“So, yeah, I think Phil won that one fair and square. And you know what, he’s been through hard times recently and deserves a break or two.”

Classy. So very, very classy. Lee’s now one of the tops on my list.

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5 thoughts on “Westwood A Class Act”

  1. Westwood had a lot more to be upset about than Tiger.  If someone was going to be pissed at himself and the world after the Masters, it was Westwood.  As upset as he clearly was, he showed class and pose in congratulating Phil.

  2. I guess the question would be would you rather be a winner in life and class and a loser of majors, or a winner of majors and a loser like Tiger.

  3. Tiger acted like a spoiled child after his round. By last spring, when I found myself rooting for Phil over him at the 2009 Master’s, I knew I had grown sick of the striped one. I just hated how immature he acted on the course.


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