Westwood Back To Number One

Lee Westwood won what amounts to a club championship at the “Indonesian Masters” and regains his number one spot. Donald finishes 2 against a strong field and finds himself number 3. Do you need further proof that there’s something not quite right in the math for the World Golf Rankings.

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3 thoughts on “Westwood Back To Number One”

  1. Maybe Tiger should go look for some of those mini-tours to regain the #1 spot! 

    Congrats to Brandt Snedeker.  I had both him and Donald picked from the start on Kerplookee, and that was a great finish.  I was driving back from in inlaws and enjoyed listening on XM as Donald finished up regulation and the playoff.

  2. Speaking of XM: Somebody this morning said that the rankings calculations are more to determine who is in the middle of the pack than who is at the top.

    Personally, I don’t care. There are so many players playing well, and with their hearts. It’s been an excellent PGA Tour season, probably one of the best in over a decade. That’s what counts, in my not-so-humble opinion.


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