Westwood Could Take The #1 Spot

Since Phil Mickelson doesn’t apparently doesn’t want the bother of being number one in the world, how about Lee Westwood? With both Phil and Tiger slipping a bit at the Open, Westwood apparently is in a position to step up. The Scotsman is reporting that Westwood could take the top slot with a victory—or perhaps even a second—at the upcoming Bridgestone Invitational.

Now THAT would be something.

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4 thoughts on “Westwood Could Take The #1 Spot”

  1. Westwood is a fine player but many of us will find it hard to accept a #1 ranking for Lee without a Major.  Women’s tennis has had similar problems with players reaching the #1 ranking without a Grand Slam win.  Yes, competent performance over several years will yield one a #1 ranking.  However, the inability to win at least one of the Major crowns lessens the achievement.

  2. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if TW wins the Bridgestone.  No pressure of a major, and he might just be able to muster enough clarity of thought as the divorce is finalized to be able to win.  He might even run away with it. 

    He isn’t going to win PGA, but if TW wins at Bridgestone, that probably seals him as #1 for the rest of the year, unless Phil does something like winning the PGA and then the Cup or something.


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