WGC-Mexico Championship Winners and History

WGC-Mexico Championship Winners and History

WGC-Mexico Championship Winners and History

Update: The WGC Mexico Championship is now the WGC Workday. Follow the link for updated information: WGC Workday Winners and History

The WGC-Mexico Championship is one of four World Golf Championship events for the mens’ professional golf tours. Prize money from the event is official on both the PGA Tour and the European PGA Tour.

Beginning in 2017, the event moves to Club de Golf Chapultepec in Mexico City. It had previously been at Doral.

The event has been played at eight different venues in its short history:

  • 1999 – 2000 at the Valderrama Golf Club in San Roque, Spain
  • 2001 (scheduled for, but not played due to the Sept. 11 attacks) at the Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis, Missouri
  • 2002 at the Mount Juliet Golf Club in Thomastown, Ireland
  • 2003 at the Capital City Club in Atlanta, Georgia
  • 2004 at the Mount Juliet Golf Club in Thomastown, Ireland
  • 2005 at Harding Park in San Francisco
  • 2006 at the Grove in Hertfordshire, England
  • 2007 – 2016 at the Doral Golf Resort and Spa in FloridaThe event also has had three different sponsors. The initial sponsor was American Expresss (1999 – 2006), followed by CA (2007 – 2010) and Cadillac.
  • Beginning in 2017 at Club de Golf Chapultepec in Mexico City.

The WGC Championship is played over 72 holes in the stroke play format.

The starting field consists of:

  • Top 50 players from the Official World Golf Rankings (one week and two weeks prior to event)
  • Top players from member tours’ money lists or orders of merit (from last complete season)
  • Top 30 PGA Tour FedEx Cup list (also top 10 from one week prior to event)
  • Top 20 European Tour (also top 10 from two weeks prior to event)
  • Top 2 each from Asian Tour, Japan Golf Tour, PGA Tour of Australasia, and Sunshine TourDue to overlaps on the above qualifications, the field consisst of approximately 70 eligible players, half that (144 to 156 players) for most regular PGA Tour events.

Because of the limited field, there is no 36-hole cut.Tiger Woods (who else?) holds the record for most wins at 6. He also had the lowest aggregate score at 261 (2006) and the lowest to par at -25 (2002).

For a list of WGC-Mexico Championship winners, see below:

YearPlayerCountryScoreTo par
2020Patrick Reed (2)United States266-18
2019Dustin Johnson (3)United States263-21
2018Phil MickelsonUnited States268-16 (PO)
2017Dustin Johnson (2)United States270-14
2016Adam ScottAustralia276-12
2015Dustin JohnsonUnited States279-9
2014Patrick ReedUnited States284-4
2013Tiger WoodsUnited States269-19
2012Justin RoseEngland272-16
2011Nick WatneyUnited States272-16
2010Ernie ElsSouth Africa270-18
2009Phil MickelsonUnited States269-19
2008Geoff OgilvyAustralia271-17
2007Tiger WoodsUnited States278-10
2006Tiger WoodsUnited States261-23
2005Tiger WoodsUnited States270-10
2004Ernie ElsSouth Africa270-18
2003Tiger WoodsUnited States274-6
2002Tiger WoodsUnited States263-25
2001Cancelled due to September 11 attacks
2000Mike WeirCanada277-7
1999Tiger WoodsUnited States278-6

Prior to the WGC Championship, a long-running PGA Tour event was held at Doral. Michigan’s own Mike Hill was the winner in 1970! The past winners for that tournament are listed below:

YearWinnerCountryWinning Score
Ford Championship at Doral
2006Tiger Woods (2)United States268 (-20)
2005Tiger Woods (1)United States264 (-24)
2004Craig ParryAustralia271 (-17)PO
2003Scott HochUnited States271 (-17)PO
Genuity Championship
2002Ernie ElsSouth Africa271 (-17)
2001Joe DurantUnited States270 (-18)
Doral – Ryder Open
2000Jim FurykUnited States265 (-23)
1999Steve Elkington (2)Australia275 (-13)
1998Michael BradleyUnited States278 (-10)
1997Steve Elkington (1)Australia275 (-13)
1996Greg Norman (3)Australia269 (-19)
1995Nick FaldoEngland273 (-15)
1994John HustonUnited States274 (-14)
1993Greg Norman (2)Australia265 (-23)
1992Raymond Floyd (3)United States271 (-17)
1991Rocco MediateUnited States276 (-12)PO
1990Greg Norman (1)Australia273 (-15)PO
1989Bill GlassonUnited States275 (-13)
1988Ben CrenshawUnited States274 (-14)
1987Lanny WadkinsUnited States277 (-11)
Doral-Eastern Open
1986Andy Bean (3)United States276 (-12)PO
1985Mark McCumber (2)United States284 (-4)
1984Tom KiteUnited States272 (-16)
1983Gary KochUnited States271 (-17)
1982Andy Bean (2)United States278 (-10)
1981Raymond Floyd (2)United States273 (-15)
1980Raymond Floyd (1)United States279 (-9)PO
1979Mark McCumber (1)United States279 (-9)
1978Tom WeiskopfUnited States272 (-16)
1977Andy Bean (1)United States277 (-11)
1976Hubert GreenUnited States270 (-18)
1975Jack Nicklaus (2)United States276 (-12)
1974Buddy AllinUnited States272 (-16)
1973Lee TrevinoUnited States276 (-12)
1972Jack Nicklaus (1)United States276 (-12)
Doral-Eastern Open Invitational
1971J. C. SneadUnited States275 (-13)
1970Mike HillUnited States279 (-9)
Doral Open Invitational
1969Tom ShawUnited States276 (-12)
1968Gardner DickinsonUnited States275 (-13)
1967Doug Sanders (2)United States275 (-9)
1966Phil RodgersUnited States278 (-10)
1965Doug Sanders (1)United States274 (-14)
1964Billy Casper (2)United States277 (-11)
Doral C.C. Open Invitational
1963Dan SikesUnited States283 (-5)
1962Billy Casper (1)United States283 (-5)
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