WGC Match Play Championship Final Round Thoughts

A few thoughts on the final rounds of the WGC Match Play Championship, in no particular order:

  • Luke Donald didn’t roll over Kaymer as I expected. But after the first two holes, I never thought the outcome was in doubt. Donald even tried to give it to Kaymer in mid round, but the new World #1 couldn’t capitalize. It was, therefore, a bit dull for me.

  • To be fair, the cold weather may have been at fault for the less-than-flashy play. Hard to get the muscles moving properly in the cold. The balls also don’t react as well or as predictably.

  • It was cool to see the snow in the desert. That’s Global Warming for you.

  • Those guys obviously don’t know too much about playing in the cold. Only Kuchar had a stocking cap and those are de rigueur for cold weather play. Most of your body heat escapes through your head.

  • At least we didn’t see another clinic on the proper way to drop balls after an unplayable lie. Saturday’s matches left every television viewer in America with a Ph.D. in Golf Ball Dropology.

  • I don’t think either player made any obvious mistakes in strategy. I note only that there were too many conceded putts. Under that sort of pressure, a three footer is not automatic.

  • I’m happy to see Kaymer as the World #1. With a Major, he is more deserving than Westwood.

  • Kudos also to Luke Donald, who’s now #3. I think he could be the next #1. There might be a Major in the offing for him this year: The US Open? It rewards mistake golfers who minimize mistakes.

  • That other guy—the former former #1—is falling fast, to number five.

  • It’s amazing that Donald never got to the 18th hole.

  • There was a definite youth movement at this WGC. Lets see if it holds up as the season progresses.

  • Its sad that the PGA Tour and the European Tour can’t do more schedule coordination. The top four players in the World Golf rankings now are European, but with the talent divided, there’s no way to know what that means. One argument is that the Europeans play against generally weaker overall fields on inferior courses, so the rankings are skewed. But I’ve also seen some numbers on strength of field to suggest that’s not the case. I look forward to the day—and its coming—when there is a single World Golf Tour.

  • I’d really like to try some desert golf.

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  • 1 thought on “WGC Match Play Championship Final Round Thoughts”

    1. I was thinking I would love to play on that course too, except when they were out of the fairway, that rough stunk!  I don’t want to take my new Adams in there for sure, and I don’t think I want to take my old X-20s either!

      Jimenez ended tied for 5th, he certainly raised the average age for the top 8.

      Not exactly sure why the German doesn’t understand about playing in the cold.  That doesn’t make sense, but that thing he was wearing around his neck certainly made no sense either.  Isn’t there a PGA medic who can advise these guys on how to dress to stay warm?  knit hat, compression warm mocks and more layers, flannel.  Not that hard.  But I am glad it was 70 here today.


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