WGC Match Play Championship Rounds 3 and 4 Thoughts

Some random thoughts on the WGC Match Play Championship:

  • Aside from Luke Donald’s workmanlike dismembering of his opponents, this was a pretty exciting day of match play.

  • I’m sure that the network executives are disappointed that the finals weren’t Luke Donald vs Bubba Watson. Or Matt Kuchar vs Martin Kaymer. Donald vs Kaymer doesn’t seem like it’ll have much spark.

  • For my part, I think Sunday’s final will be a bit of an anticlimax.

  • The rules officials got a workout today with all of those unplayable lies.

  • JB Holmes is a rising star. Did you see that he was on his High School golf team—when he was in the THIRD GRADE.

  • For all that Kaymer is the new world number one, I think Luke Donald is going to school him on Sunday.

  • How dominant has Luke Donald been? He hasn’t trailed on a single hole all week; He’s been all-square on only five of his 73 holes.

  • What the heck was that thing on Kaymer’s neck?

  • Sadly, it seems that the match play event is in some peril. 2012 may be its last year in the current format, if it survives at all.

  • 2 thoughts on “WGC Match Play Championship Rounds 3 and 4 Thoughts”

    1. I could not disagree more. A great pairing for tomorrow. Who cares if no American players are in the final? This Final has a lot of spark! Some really talented golfers in the Final tomorrow – #1 player in the wold as a matter of fact. It should be a good one for all golf fans around the world to watch.

    2. I don’t care if they’re Americans or not. I would have loved seeing Miguel Jimenez in the finals. I just think that with Donald’s ruthless efficiency, and Kaymer’s rather steely nature, there won’t be much of a spark.


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