What Does A $8,000 Set of Irons Look Like?

What Does A $8,000 Set of Irons Look Like?

Honma Beres 2020 4S Irons 6-11

What does a $8 grand set of irons look like? A set of Honma Beres 4S Irons, apparently.

Made in Japan, the Honma Beres clubs feature “wave slits” for higher speed and launch; a large face volume for more rebound and resilience; and weight distribution to the rear of the heel and toe.

Honma also designs and builds shafts specifically for their club heads.

I cannot, however, figure out how they get to $8,000 a set. Perhaps the inlays are real gold.

The only Honma clubs I’ve ever seen “in the wild” were in the bags of a couple of LPGA players. The “mole” logo is pretty distinctive.

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