What Is A Draw In Golf?

golf 101 smallWhat is a Draw In Golf?

A draw is a shot that starts right and then spins gently back left to the fairway. It is, on many levels, the most desired shot in golf because the counterclockwise spin of the ball will add extra yards on the roll.

The draw is similar to a hook, but is deliberate, under control and remains in play.

For a left hander, the draw runs left to right.

Diagram of A Draw
Diagram of A Draw


If I had a dime for every explanation I have heard or read on how to hit a draw, I’d be as rich as Tiger. A common explanation is that a draw’s flight path is the result of a combination of an inside-to-out swing path, and the club face being square to closed at impact. The pairing starts the ball right, and imparts the counterclockwise spin that brings it back.

One of the most repeated instructions I have encountered on how to set up to hit a draw is to aim the feet, body and shoulders slightly right of the target, while keeping the club face aimed straight. A normal swing should then impart the proper flight path and spin. Another is to aim slightly right of the target, and take a regular swing, while being sure to turn the right forearm over the left through impact. This closes the clubface and imparts that desired spin.

After curing the slice, teaching a draw seems to be the preoccupation of golf teaching professionals. Every lesson I’ve ever had has boiled down to trying to get me to hit a draw.

And every one has failed.


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