What Did We Learn At The Farmers Open Round 1?

Did we learn anything after Round One of the Farmers Insurance Open?

Not much.

On the easier of the two courses, Tiger shot a respectable -3 and ended up in 23rd place.

Phil had a better round on what arguably is the harder course, finishing at -5 and a T5.

The big surprise was John Daly on the tough South unleashing a 67 and getting into the same T5 with Phil.

David Duval is -2 in a tie for 35th.

Dustin Johnson is -3, T22.

Thanks to the two-course format, we won’t get much of a comparative read until the cut is made for the weekend. But I’ll make a couple of predictions. The easy one is that Daly will implode. Phil will continue to be in contention. Tiger will continue in mediocrity.

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5 thoughts on “What Did We Learn At The Farmers Open Round 1?”

  1. I am pulling for Daly and Phil – I like to be let down.

    And you are calling Tiger for a mediocre finish?  So soon, when everyone is sure he is going to win because this is “his golf course”?

    Yeah, I also agree with that.  If anyone is taking bets, I will bet that by tomorrow night, Daly is still ahead of Tiger.  If either of them is missing a cut, it will be Mr. Woods.

  2. Oh, and congratulations to Tiger on the first audible “F” bomb of the year, along with a club slam.  At least he held onto the club- good working on that anger management.

    Was on #8 (Tiger’s 17th) coming out of the fairway bunker.

  3. I am betting that Phil will implode, John Daly will continue to get better (maybe not his time yet, but vast improvement from last year’s start), and Tiger’s F-bomb will be heard a few more times tomorrow! a Tiger can’t change his stripes…hokey but true…


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