What Did You Get For Christmas?

I’m wondering what kind of golf gifts people got for Christmas—and what they didn’t get that they really wanted.. I got a couple of boxes of balls—Callaway HX Hots—and a new pair of Footjoy EComforts in black.

What I really wanted was a set of TaylorMade R7 XDs, but I knew I wasn’t going to get them. That would have blown two—maybe three— year’s worth of Christmas budgets for the entire family.

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2 thoughts on “What Did You Get For Christmas?”

  1. I got a TaylorMade glove, some Epoch tees, two boxes of Noodle golf balls, and Dicks Sporting Goods gift card I can use for golf.

  2. Got a Taylor Made R5 3 wood to match my Driver, a new rain suit, Budweiser umbrella, 4 new golf shirts, gift certificates to local courses, a framed Jack Nicklaus commemorative 5 Pound Note issued by the Royal Bank of Scotland, and a framed flag from the Old Course.  Yes, jolly old St. Nicklaus was very good to me.  Spring can’t come soon enough.


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