What Golf Stuff Did You Get For Christmas?

So what golf stuff did you get for Christmas?

Under my tree were a couple of boxes of golf balls: the Bridgestone E6 and Maxfli’s Fire. I also got a West Virginia Universty branded divot tool, and a golf shirt with the embroidered logo of the King’s African Rifles. I have no idea where my brother got it, but it’s a nice juxtaposition of my twin interests in golf and military history.

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7 thoughts on “What Golf Stuff Did You Get For Christmas?”

  1. Well, my in-laws trying to find something for me got some no-name balls with my name on them.  I certainly appreciate the effort, but these balls have two problems:
    1) They are rock-like
    2) They have my name, and I don’t need to leave evidence behind.

    Now my pop got me something a little more cool- a Skygolf SG2 GPS. 

    Other than that, it was a little thin this year for me.  My wife claims something like that HDTV I bought for myself in October saying I would accept it as my anniversary, birthday and Christmas present that she considered that a binding contract.  Considering that I got it in time to watch the OSU/UM game and that I will get to see the National Championship on it, I am not complaining.

  2. I got a pack of brush tees and a bag of long wooden tees from my kids, and an USC wind shirt, a nike golf cap and some club covers from my wife. I got out and walked on at a nearby municipal today and played 18 holes too. It was real fun as usual, and one of the golfers I got paired with in our foursome was a Catholic priest (a first for me). http://www.mygolfbuddy.com

  3. Paul- where are you that you got in a foursome today?  I walked 18 at my club today, and I saw a couple kids about 3 holes behind me on the first 9 but that was it.  I didn’t quite finish due to darkness on the 17th.  Conditions were ugly in Memphis, every step was squishy, and 38 degrees—I never saw the ball bounce once.  My long drive was a short 190 today (and that was a drive on our 210 yard par 3).

  4. I also got a box of the news Maxfli Fire golf balls for Christmas, along with a gift card to Dicks to be used towards a hybrid (looking at the Maxfli A10 or TaylorMade).  Plus, some club cleaners that look like the handi-wpies you get when you order ribs.

  5. I got a dozen Titleist, but a “flavor” I have never seen.  Despite my instructions to only buy me certain golf balls, my family ignores this and buys me cheap crap from Walmart.  also received a $25 gift cert for GolfTown, which is Canada’s largest retailer.  what am I going to do with $25…I know, make the Taylor Made draw driver $25 less!!!


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