What Out Of The Ordinary Things Do You Keep In Your Golf Bag?

I suspect that most golfers’ bags contain pretty much the same things: clubs, balls, tees, ball marker and divot tool, sunscreen. What do you have in your bag that’s out of the ordinary?

For my part, I carry bug spray, bandages, Motrin, a spray analgesic and Slim Jims or Jerky for a snack. I’ve also got a notebook and pen for writing things that occur to me on the course.

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1 thought on “What Out Of The Ordinary Things Do You Keep In Your Golf Bag?”

  1. PowerGrip (liquid resin)… Remote for my powered push cart… Alieve… Bungee cord (for additional security on questionable riding carts, or for reduction of twisting of golf bag on push cart.  Today it was used for securing my bluetooth speaker to the cart)… A Bluetooth (Bose SoundLink) or corded speaker ($15 zip up speakercase)… Sunscreen… since this past weekend, bugspray… Golfsense (although I have found the battery craps out fairly quickly sitting in the golf bag, so it is more likely now to be at home on charger)… wrench (for adjusting alignment on push cart)…


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