What To Carry In Your Bag?

Other than your clubs, balls, tees, ball markers and ball mark repair tool, what do you carry in your bag?

It’s a question I hear frequently from the beginning golfers on my high school teams. And I’ve seen it on a couple of golf discussion boards.

Here are a few items that I have in my bag: a couple of towels, a wet cloth in a ziplock, bandaids, sunblock, bug spray, motrin, chapstick, insect bite treatment, a small pocketknife, a sharpie (to mark your balls), a roll of lifesavers, and a protein bar.

It sounds like a lot, but I always walk and carry and don’t notice the extra weight …

You can get all of these in really small sizes that won’t take up much room or add much weight. Many stores have “sample” sizes that are perfect. But golf is so expensive that you don’t want a round to be ruined because of a blister, bug bite, etc.

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