What We Need Is A Golfing Mountain Bike

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As an Eagle Scout and Scoutmaster, I follow a number of outdoor gear blogs. There’s even the occasional crossover to golf—generally in terms of apparel like raingear, socks, and other clothing.

I spotted the Cogburn hunting bike the other day on the GearJunkie site, and the thought occurred to me: there should be a bike caddy. A mountain bike with a saddlebag designed to hold clubs would be a lot of fun. I’m not sure local courses would permit it, but it surely couldn’t do any more damage to fairways than a thousand pound powered golf cart.

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2 thoughts on “What We Need Is A Golfing Mountain Bike”

  1. One has to also figure that a golf cart spreads its weight over four 8.5 inch wide tires. Ergo a 932 pound EZ-Go golf cart with batteries) and say, a 170 pound golfer and clubs,  will likely do less damage to turf than two 1.5 inch wide tires, a 170 pound golfer, and clubs.

    It’s always better to walk while golfing. It may not be better to bike.


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