What’ll It Cost To Play Scotland’s Best?

USA Today answers the question of what it would cost for a week of golf at Scotland’s best courses: $4,000.

I’d like to play in Scotland, but don’t really have a need to play the premium courses. I read a book once called A Season in Dornoch : Golf and Life in the Scottish Highlands that made think that the REAL way to play golf in Scotland would be to pick one of the small towns and spend a couple of weeks playing their course.

I imagine that it would cost much less than $4,000.

I highly recommend the book, by the way.

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2 thoughts on “What’ll It Cost To Play Scotland’s Best?”

  1. A Scotland golf vacation can be quite expensive, the cost will keep rising as well. With the way the dollar is 1/2 as valuable to the GBP expect to get 1/2 as much for what you want to spend in Scotland.

    But it is worth it. Experiencing “The Home of Golf” in St. Andrews and playing The Open Championship courses is just a life time dream for many players.

  2. Yeah – the xrate on USD/GBP is certainly prohibitive but it has come back in the last few weeks. Have you ever visited Ireland on a vacation – certainly at a par to Scotland and easier to get on the trophy courses.
    Like the site alot, you have some really good articles to view.


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