What’s A Golfer To Do When Hell Has Frozen Over?

What's A Golfer To Do When It's -20 Out?
The weather at 8:50 am, January 31, 2019.

What’s A Golfer To Do When Hell Has Frozen Over?

Much of the nation is in a deep freeze right now, and here in Michigan, the temperature has dropped to -21. Going outside is downright dangerous. I haven’t taught a class in two days because my district, along with every school in the state, is closed.

State offices are shuttered. The University of Michigan cancelled classes for the first time in decades. General Motors has shut down plants to reduce natural gas demand to reserve it for homes. The US mail has stopped delivering.

Hell has frozen over.

Hell has officially frozen over. (Hell is a small hamlet near GolfBlogger’s Ann Arbor World Headquarters that basically consists of a crossroads and a bar.).

I keep thinking that since I’m not working, I should be playing golf. It’s my school vacation mindset. No school = golf. But it’s twenty below — too cold even for a heated range, and I’m going stir crazy.

So what’s a golfer to do when Hell has frozen over?

What's A Golfer To Do When It's -20 Out?

I spent a good part of yesterday morning practicing my putting. I have of those Putt Out Trainers, and I’ve been practicing with my Scotty Cameron, which has been newly reshafted with a Breakthrough Golf Stability putter shaft.

What's A Golfer To Do When It's -20 Out?

Then I cleaned my clubs. To be honest, I don’t do that often enough. I decided to polish my Srizon Z585s until they shine like new (read my Srixon Z585 review). I pulled them — frozen solid out of the garage and had to let them sit for a good hour before they warmed up.

I got caught up on the Morning Drive PGA Show that’s been sitting on my DVR. Then I watched the final round of the Farmers Insurance Open. I enjoy watching that tournament because I played a round at Torrey Pines a few years back.

Today, I’m going to settle back with a golf book or two. I’ll start with Have¬†Clubs,¬†Will Travel, a autobiography from LPGA Founder Marilynn Smith. For me, the next best thing to playing golf is reading about golf.

Temperatures are predicted to get above zero by Friday and by Monday, the high is supposed to be fifty degrees.

That’s Pure Michigan.

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