What’s His Name?

My three-year-old is in a “phase” where he likes to point to things and say “What’s his name?” He even does this with things that he already knows the name. If you’ve ever had a three year old, you know how annoying this can be. So I do my best to annoy him back. When he asks the name of an already familiar object, I give him a ridiculous answer.

He points to a cup. “What’s his name,” he asks.
“That’s a dog,” I say.
He looks at me and says “Daaaaaad. That’s not a dog.”

On Friday night, he was sitting next to me in a chair and watching the Mercedes Championship. As the players appeared on screen, he began to ask: “What’s his name?”
“Vijay,” I answered.
“What’s his name?”
“What’s his name?”
“What’s his name?”
“Daaaaaad. That’s not a Tiger.”


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