What’s Up With Davis Love III?

In a recent discussion on The Golf Channel’s message boards, Davis Love III was named as one of the most disappointing players of his generation.

I think that’s a bit unfair, given that he has 18 wins, including two Players Championships and a PGA Championship. He’s also fourth in career winnings.

But there’s something about DLIII that makes many wonder if he hasn’t fallen short of his potential.

Rick Arnett addresses the mystery of Davis Love in an article in SI dot Com.

2 thoughts on “What’s Up With Davis Love III?”

  1. I recently did an article at The Sand Trap about Davis Love III.  I think as of now he is one of the most overrated in the game.  I am a fan of his and have been for the last decade, but he is just another golfer right now instead of one of the big dogs like he has been. 

    Give it a read if you would like.  It is listed under Thrash Talk in the categories.  I wrote it last Tuesday.

  2. I think this is an unfair analysis.  Davis makes a fabulous living on tour.  Perhaps he spends more time with his family than on the driving range?  A man’s relationship with his family is a far greater measure of success than tour wins.  Just my two cents worth.


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