What’s Up With Garcia?

Golf Digest and ESPN’s pundits tee off on Sergio Garcia’s place in the golfing world.

I think that Sergio is not far away from winning a major and putting all of this talk to rest. His ball striking is unquestioned; all its going to take is for him to get some confidence with the flat stick. And its not like he as to suddenly become Ben Crenshaw on the greens. In spite of ranking 179 in putting, he has three top tens this season.

It won’t be a US Open. The greens there will be all tricked up. But a Open Championship, or a PGA are possibilities.

Sergio should come see me for a putting lesson. My friends are generally amazed at how such a short hitter who rarely hits a green in regulation can regularly shoot under 90. Its all in the putting, my friends. All in the putting. smile

2 thoughts on “What’s Up With Garcia?”

  1. Sounds similar to a version of stymies we play.  At a buck a player you could be like the unfortunate buddy of mine who paid out $94 in a friendly game…hehe.


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