What’s Up With Zach Johnson

In a funny (perhaps bittersweet) bit on Bloomberg.Com, Scott Soshnick wonders what’s gotten into Zach Johnson, who is not acting like Major winner. He still drives his own RV, doesn’t own a yacht and a trophy wife, and—heaven forbid—is actually playing the week following his victory.

Soshnick suggests that he take a page from Tiger’s playbook and take a few weeks off. But that’s not for Johnson.

The mere fact that Johnson showed up at the Heritage is enough to make any prima donna athlete boil. He should have had the good sense to withdraw and spend more time on his post-Masters media tour, which included visits with David Letterman, CNN, ESPN and Regis & Kelly. But he didn’t. Keeping his word was more important.

Meet Zach Johnson of Iowa, where handshakes are contracts and where a man’s word is more valuable than his limousine, private jet or diamond-encrusted wristwatch.

“For a number of reasons, I felt like I should be there,’’ Johnson said. “First and foremost, I committed, so I’m going to uphold that.’’


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2 thoughts on “What’s Up With Zach Johnson”

  1. This seems to give the impression that Tiger has a habit of committing to tournaments the week after the Masters and then breaks the committments when he wins. Does he? I’m just asking. I thought he normally didn’t schedule that week at all.


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