When The Caddie Is Over The Hill – Golf Poetry

When The Caddie Is Over The Hill – Golf Poetry


THE links are a vision of purple and brown,
Where curious ventures befall ;
O'er slope and o'er level, o'er crest and o'er down,
We follow the mischievous ball.
The sun is aslant on the dunes and the gorse ;
I see, with a mystical thrill,
A "hazard" that waits near the end of the course,
When the caddie is over the hill.

Oh, dear little figure in scarlet and blue,
With graces bewitching endowed,
'Mid drives and 'mid foozles, I wonder, do you
Consider the caddie a crowd?
Is it golf, do you think, to whose magic we yield?
Can golf such enchantment instill?
Will what I am asking be sweetly revealed
When the caddie is over the hill?

The caddie, a laddie more faithful than wise,
With ears of capacity strange ;
With sharp, telescopic and argus-like eyes,
Possessed of embarrassing range —
I wonder if he has the shrewdness to know
I'm biding the moment until
'Tis proper we pause in the valley below,
When the caddie is over the hill?

The links are a glory of marvelous green.
Who says it is late in the year?
Why, Spring has returned ! Just for lovers, I ween.
The larks and the cowslips are here.
For, ah, I have learned from the lips of the maid
She fully agrees, with a will,
That ours is a game most entrancingly played.
When the caddie is over the hill.

By Edwin L. Sabin, from Lyrics of the Links, published in 1921. Edwin Sabin (1870 – 1952) was the author of boy’s adventure stories, mostly set in the American West. Among his works were titles such as “Opening The West With Lewis and Clark,” and “Into Mexico With General Scott.” He was published in The Saturday Evening Post, Country Life, All-Story and Weird Tales, among others. His first full length book, The Magic Mashie and Other Goldfish Stories (1902) was a collection of stories about golf.

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