Where’s David Duval

LIke many others, I was sure that this would be the year that the extraordinarily talented David Duval would make his comeback on the Tour. But he’s played only sparingly in the first couple of months.

The reason: his wife apparently is having a difficult pregnancy and David is taking care of her three children from a previous marriage.

“This is something unexpected,” Duval said. “I had planned on playing, but family jumps ahead of everything else.”

Good for him.

To play on Tour this year, Duval had used his one time exemption for being in the Top 25 of lifetime earnings, and his only lifeline left is his one time exemption for being in the Top 50.

The Tour should give him a medical exemption. Under the family leave act, people can take time off to care for sick loved ones. The same should apply to Duval here.

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