Who Will Pair With Tiger At The Masters

Just a thought. Who will be victimized by being forced to play with Tiger in the first two rounds of the Masters. To be fair to the guys who have a realistic chance of winning, I suggest that he be paired with the amateurs. I should think they’d be thrilled—I know I would be.

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3 thoughts on “Who Will Pair With Tiger At The Masters”

  1. How about Watson and Els? That would be interesting given what they’ve said about TW recently.
    Harrington has said he’d be up for it. And I can see Cabrera, Westwood, Furyk, and Clark not having a problem. There’s actually quite a few players who would probably prefer not to be paired with him but would ultimately handle it just fine.
    But I think friends and old-timers who won’t win whomever they’re paired with (Perry, O’Meara, Couples, Floyd, Langer, Stadler) will probably be asked to step into the role.

  2. Does it really matter who he pairs with? Obviously he will not be heckled/bothered at Augusta so it really doesn’t matter. So long as he isn’t paired with Jesper Parnevik who he’s paired with will be a non issue.


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