Who’s That In The Lead?

Is it just me, or does the US Open this year feel a bit like a fall golf tournament? Much of the leaderboard today belongs to guys who usually are playing in the fall in an attempt to keep their Tour cards. The only difference is that Tiger and Phil both are lurking—and those two guys wouldn’t play in a fall series event unless one of their big name sponsors insisted.

The best part of this Open, however, is that David Duval is still in striking distance. As I’ve said before, a Double D US Open victory—eight years after his last win—would be the biggest story in golf in a very long time.

2 thoughts on “Who’s That In The Lead?”

  1. So which major tournament produces more “Who is THAT guy” moments than any other? The U.S. Open? We’ve had Michael Campbell and now Lucas Glover.

    Or maybe the PGA Championship, or whatever it’s called. Rich Beam?

    Phil was the sentimental favorite this time, and I would have been OK with him winning. But I was pulling for Duval.

  2. aw crap, phil lost.  I guess you can’t be against some guy for years and then start pulling for him just because Callaway and Golfsmith will give you a driver if he wins. 

    So I went to club so I could watch TV and eat and work all at the same time for the last couple hours of the open, but I couldn’t hear the announcers..  It sure looked like to me that Glover put in the deep rough on #18, and then for the approach he was a few yards in the fairway.  I guess I saw it wrong, but for a few moments, I was starting to hope for a double bogey into a playoff! (Yeah right).

    BTW, at 97 degrees here all weekend, my brain doesn’t compute “fall” anything.


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