Why Tim Finchem Doesnt’ Want Tiger To Win The Grand Slam

As I’m watching the webcast of the Amen Corner from the Masters, it occurred to me that Tiger Woods’ winning the Grand Slam of golf (Masters, US Open, British Open and PGA Championship, for those not in the know) could actually hurt the PGA Tour. It’s a bit of a stretch, perhaps, but follow my reasoning.

First, all of the attention of golf fans will be focused on four events—none of which are owned by the PGA Tour. If Tiger wins the Masters, all eyes will be focused on the US Open—looking right past the suddenly irrelevant Players Championship—in spite of the Tour’s attempts to position it as the fifth major. In the face of a potential Slam, it simply won’t matter. Then everyone will lay back and wait for the Open Championship … then the PGA. None of the other events will matter.

Second, attention on Tiger’s run at the slam distracts from the Tour’s attempts to create a buzz with the FedEx Championship. Who gives a rat’s patootie who is in the FexEx cup lead when Tiger is in the hunt for the Grand Slam?

And finally, if Tiger does manage to pull it off—or even if he takes it down to the PGA Championship at Oakland Hills but falls short—it’s not out of realm of probability that he sits out the FedEx Cup four match finale, citing fatigue. And rightfully so. The pressure at that point would have been a lot even for someone as stoic as Tiger.

3 thoughts on “Why Tim Finchem Doesnt’ Want Tiger To Win The Grand Slam”

  1. You may be right but I can’t ever see the Players Championship become “irrelevent” even if Tiger wins the Masters. Don’t forget it is played on one of the more spectacular TPC courses at Sawgrass, also one of the most difficult with the island green 17th where a guy with a one shot lead on Sunday can suddenly find himself finishing in 7th place.

  2. I’m thinking somewhere in his mind, Finchem is thinking that it would be better for the FedEx Cup if Tiger fails in his quest. It looks, so far, like Tiger isn’t getting off to a very good start in his quest for all 4(hallelujiah), so the point may be moot.

    I assumed that they moved the Players Championship to May, so that down the road it would become the 5th major. The reason for moving it would be to appease the Masters folks and still allow them to be the first major of the year.

  3. Tiger Woods is the PGA tour.. Trevor Immelman has the best looking swing on tour in my opinion and he’s been through alot.. I hope he wins or at least plays well.. Its funny how Tiger only plays in half the tournaments most of these hacks play in, but still runs away with the FedEx.. The guys a man among boys!


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