Wie DQ’d In First Professional Tournament

It’s not exactly a “Hello World, I’m Tiger Woods” moment.

Michelle Wie, in her first professional tournament was disqualified for signing an incorrect scorecard after making a bad drop on Saturday.

Her offense was that—in taking a drop—the ball ended up closer to the hole than it started.

Apparently, rules officials were alerted to the offense by Sports Illustrated reporter Michael Bamberger. A review of videotape was inconclusive, so they took Wie and her caddy back to the scene of the crime, had them identify the spot and then measured it with string.

Wie said that the ball may have been about three inches closer. Officials said it was a foot.

I don’t know how anyone could make such a determination a day later. I know as a coach and rules official for high school golf that it’s hard enough to make a determination later in the same day.

More at ESPN.

1 thought on “Wie DQ’d In First Professional Tournament”

  1. I don’t know Michael Bamberger from Adam, but how than this be anything other than a publicity play for himself.  I consider him a complete jerk for his handling of the “situation”.

    But don’t get me started on:

    (a) DQ’ing competitors DAYS after infractions, or
    (b) call-ins or third-parties notifying officials of alledged rules violations.

    Particularly (b).


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