Wie Is Headed For Q School

Michelle Wie will head to Q school next week, hoping to become a full member of the LPGA Tour.

I wish her well. But I can’t let it go without saying it’s the first smart thing Team Wie has done in a couple of years.

5 thoughts on “Wie Is Headed For Q School”

  1. Fantastic!  I for one hope that she is at the top of the class and is playing a full LPGA schedule next year and get some wins. 

    I do admit to some panic when I saw this headline elsewhere that she was entering the PGA Q-school.  I am so glad I was jumping to the wrong conclusion, I wonder how I did that.

  2. I hope she would play a full schedule.  Anything less is a waste of her time.  She’s proven that she can’t be part-time college student and part-time golfer.  And really, if she does any studying, it needs to be on the rules of golf so she doesn’t keep getting DQ’d.

  3. I kinda hope she might do Toastmasters on the side, if she does drop out of Stanford.  Might help with the ums and ya’s.

    Dammit.  Buckeyes just got intercepted.  Why did I put this stupid game back on after it is 35 to 3?


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