Wie To Go Pro

Sources inside the Wie camp apparently are telling reporters that Michelle Wie will go pro just prior to the Samsung World Championship on October 13. Wie’s 16th birthday is October 11.

With her endorsements, she apparently would immediately become the highest paid female golfer in the world, which is certain to make her unpopular on the tour.

A deal with Nike is rumored to be worth $4 – $5 million, while one from an Asian electronics company could be worth $3 million.

Annika Sorenstam apparently makes about $7 million in annual endorsements.


On the one hand, I wonder if she’s worth all of that. After all, its not like she’s won the US Open or anything.

But then I think that she’s wise to get the money while she can. Opportunity doesn’t come knocking twice.

And if she manages to win on the LPGA Tour, so much the better.

Perhaps she will create a Tiger effect for the LPGA. PGA Tour purses and endorsements have skyrocketed since Tiger hit the scene. It would be nice if Wie does the same thing for women’s golf.

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