Wie To Play Aganst Men In Japan

Even as she has a disastrous round in Hawaii, it’s being reported that Michelle Wie will once again appear in Japan’s Casio World Open this fall.

I wonder if her handlers are doing this right. At what point does she stop being a novelty, and start being an object of derision. I admire her spunk, but she’s about to become golf’s Don Quioxte, tilting at windmills.

She needs to play and win a few women’s events. But that presents a problem, too. If she plays in a bunch and doesn’t manage to win, then all of the mystique is gone.

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4 thoughts on “Wie To Play Aganst Men In Japan”

  1. I tend to think that they are doing her justice.

    Imagine playing against men for so long on their course setups, getting beaten repeatedly and then emerging onto the womens tour for the majors.

    I think it bodes well for her to get the experience of the tougher circuit.

    All in all, we shall see.

  2. I believe she should estblish herself firmly in the women’s tournaments first. I fully support women golfing with men, but get some substantial pro experience first.


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