Will Rory Sabbatini Just Please Go Away

imageRory Sabbatini is not making any friends. Earlier this year, he called Tiger out, saying that he was “beatable.” Tiger responded by beating him by five shots at the Wachovia. Yesterday, paired in the final round with Sabbatini again, Tiger beat Rory by eight.

And on Sunday, frustrated by the face that Tiger was lapping him on the course, Sabbatini took out his anger on a local firefighter.

AKRON — Rory Sabbatini has a reputation for saying what he thinks.

But apparently he doesn’t always like hearing what other people think.

A frustrated Sabbatini had a fan tossed out of Firestone Country Club on Sunday for making what seemed to be a rather innocuous comment.
Sabbatini, who earlier this year had said he thought Tiger Woods was “as beatable as ever,” had already gone from a stroke up on Woods to start the day to six behind after making double bogey at nine, a long par 4.

As Sabbatini headed for the 10th tee, Steve Banky of Cuyahoga Falls leaned in from behind a tree in the gallery to shoot a little barb the South African’s way.

“Hey, Rory, do you still think Tiger’s beatable?” asked Banky.

Sabbatini’s response? He told Bridgestone officials to, “Take this (expletive) out of here.”

So they did.

Later in the press conference, Sabbatini implied that the guy was drunk: “I guess a few too many beers were talking,” he said.

I think the firefighter should demand an apology. Or maybe sue for defamation of character.

It’s not the first time Sabbatini has made a total schmuck of himself. Two years ago at the Booz-Allen, Sabbatini got into a tiff with Ben Curtis on the course. Curtis was playing too slowly for Rory’s tastes, so Rory played ahead on the 17th and headed to the 18th, leaving Curtis on the seventeen fairway.

I suppose it doesn’t matter to Sabbatini because he’s wealthy and famous, but he’s going to get a reputation as an immature, spoiled brat. Several golf writers have noted that he’s among the least-liked by his peers.

For fun, some tournament should put Sabbatini and Sergio Garcia in the same pairing.


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5 thoughts on “Will Rory Sabbatini Just Please Go Away”

  1. 2 things- First- so a fan makes a comment, which wasn’t the nicest comment, but not profane and not during a shot or anything, and a pro can have a fan kicked for that??? 

    Second- Sabatini used an expletive in earshot of fans and that is not addressed as an issue by the PGA?

  2. How dare anybody dream to challenge the God Tiger! This is what I see in all this coverage. I hope the next PGA Pro that dares to dream of challenging that great God Tiger will think twice before considering taking Him on.

    Is that what we really want?

    Meanwhile, golf writers everywhere chastise PGA pros for their wimpness and inability to finish, and also sing praises for the God. And everybody is happy. Except me.

    I could never defend Rory for his behavior, but is it not somewhat what we are looking for…someone to have the moxy to step up and put it out there? How else will golf survive after Tiger?

    Let’s focus on Rory’s bad behaviour, but are we taking it to another level because it was all about Tiger….again? Crappy people are everywhere…but what stands out is if a crappy person dares challenge Tiger.

    Seems we all are guilty of contradicting ourselves. Maybe I am way off base here, but not completely out of the ballpark. It all lacks balance and perspective. And makes for hype and easy writing for media.

  3. There surely is some amusement among the press about the fact that Rory has been destroyed by Tiger every time he goes head to head (but then, this past weekend, so was everyone else. Tiger owns that tournament). So I think you’re right, Wayne, to an extent.

    But this current incident seems to have caught people’s ire because he can’t seem to take a little poke. By all accounts, the fireman was neither profane, nor obnoxious. A bigger man—a more mature man—would have smiled and laughed it off.

    Instead he uses a profanity himself (will he be fined by the Tour—Tiger is whenever he lets loose with an F-Bomb) and then defames the guy later in a press conference.

  4. To follow up on Rory Sabatini.  I was at the practice round at Southern Hills yesterday.  Zach Johnson and Thomas Bjorn passed through 1 green with another golfer, each signed many autographs.  Next group to come through is Rory, playing by himself.  After chipping and putting for a few minutes, he walks by and stiffs everyone on autographs.  After that, Angel Cabrera and the young Andres Romero come through and sign for at least 2-3 minutes.  Rory just doesn’t get it.

  5. The build up of this anti-Rory story is just another example of the Tiger Woods ass kissers at work.  Tiger is the most mean spirited, petty golfer on tour, and yet no one dare call him on it.  The one golfer, Rory Sabatini who has the guts to challenge the silly, fawning Tiger Woods enablers is held up to ridicule.  I frankly am sick and tired of all things Tiger Woods and would rather tie a tin can to a stick than buy Nike golf equipment.  One last point, a golf tournement is not the venue for fans to verbally harass competitors.  The comment was clearly intended to get under Rory’s skin (which even a Rory supporter like myself would admit is a bit thin). Golf is a game where we aplaud the great shots of all players (even those that we do not particularly like) rather than yell insults as though we are at a hockey game.  At every tournement that I have attended, the gallery that has followed Tiger Woods consists of the most obnoxious “fans’, that bring discredit to this great game (and provide an unfair, hostile playing environment for Tiger’s playing competitor).  Keep up the good fight, Rory – there are many of us in your corner.


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