Will The LPGA Survive?

Larry Bohannan, a golf writer I respect answers a reader question: Will the LPGA survive?

His answer is the one I would have given: Yes, but the question is in what form?

While I’ve thought for some time that men’s golf will eventually morph into a global tour, I think that it’s a much closer thing for the women’s tour. Forty events, spread across Asia, Europe and the Americas with the world’s best women’s players would be much more interesting and viable than the current split tours. It might at the onset be dominated by Asian players to the detriment of Europe and the Americas, but that wouldn’t always be the case. The regions could maintain their own separate development tours, although there surely wouldn’t be much money in it.

Another thought that I’ve suggested before: that the LPGA play its schedule opposite that of the PGA Tour—beginning right after the Tour Championship and finishing up right before the Masters. They’d be in competition with football, but would provide an alternative for people who want something other than that sport.

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