Will Tiger Drop Buick As A Sponsor?

A recent article in Golf Digest says that Tiger will drop at least one of his current sponsors in 2006. As I’m sitting here watching the Buick Invitational, I’m wondering if Buick will be the one.

Buick itself seems to be backing off of golf. It has not renewed the Buick Scramble, and is dropping title sponsorship of the Buick Open (formerly the Greater Hartford Open). Of course, that may have been precipitated by the PGA Tour moving it to a lesser position in the schedule. I find it hard to believe that the Tour would have moved that event without consulting Tiger.

Tiger has always commited himself to playing in Buick events, so dropping Buick would give him more flexibility in his schedule. I’m guessing that he’ll still play Torrey Pines, since he always has a good showing there. But I can’t see him returning to Flint, Michigan to play at Warwick Hills.

I actually never pictured Tiger as actually driving a Buick. A Cadillac, yes. But not a Buick.

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