Wilson Staff D300 Driver With Micro Vortex Generators

Wilson Staff D300 Driver With Micro Vortex
Wilson Staff D300 Driver With Micro Vortex

Wilson D300 Driver

The Wilson Staff D300 Driver features “Micro Vortex Generators” to reduce drag forces on the head, leading to greater speed and thus, more distance. The design also has what Wilson calls “Right Light Technology,” which makes it the lightest adjustable driver on the market.

The technologies also are featured in Wilson’s fairway woods and hybrids.

“Micro Vortex Generators and Right Light are technologies that players can see and feel, but most importantly, the speed and distance benefits will be obvious from the first swing,” said Michael Vrska, Global Innovation Director of Wilson Golf.

Adjustability on the Wilson Staff D300 Driver comes in the form of a Fast Fit six way adjustable hosel with 1 degree strong, standard adn 1 degree weak loft settings, plus these lofts in a draw setting. Loft options include 9, 10.5 and 13 degrees.

The clubs also feature an interchangeable weight.

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