Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 Irons

Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 Irons
Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 Irons

Wilson FG Tour V6 Irons

Designed for the feel player, the Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 Irons are forged from 8620 carbon steel and clad in a nickel chrome plating.

The irons feature tungsten weighting to increase launch angle without increasing spin rate, while also adding forgiveness. The insert is split heel-and-toe on the 3, 4, 5 irons and centered on the 6, 7 irons. Mass concentrated in the impact area delivers a solid, muscle back-like feel and helps players shape their shots. It is also complemented by a back cavity design that provides feedback
and some forgiveness on off-center hits.

“It’s not easy to incorporate real innovation and technology in a forged, but the FG Tour V6 Irons do just that. From the tungsten inserts, to what was done to enhance feel and feedback in the impact area, to the sole design and thinner topline, every aspect was refined for better amateurs and tour players,” said Michael Vrska, Global Director of Golf Innovation.

All of the technology aside, I also think that the Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 Irons are a seriously beautiful set of clubs:



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