Wilson Staff Duo Golf Ball Review


Wilson DUO Golf Balls
Grade: A
Teachers’ Comments: A very nice ball.

Wilson says that with a compression of 40, the Duo is the softest ball on the market. Wilson also claims that the Duo the longest. While I can’t vouch for the superlatives, my impression of the ball is quite favorable.

The low compression rating initially attracted me because early season (and late season) rounds here in Michigan often are chilling experiences. In 40 degree temperatures, balls simply feel harder than in mid summer and I often switch to a model that has a softer reputation, such as a Noodle. Conventional wisdom says that softer balls will compress more and produce more explosive distance. I need all the help I can get, so I buy into that line of thinking.

My experience with the Duo is that it really hits the sweet spot of “long and soft.” For the irons, it’s as long as anything I’ve recently played. Maybe longer. Ball flight is relatively low, which works for me. They also seem to have a bit less spin off the irons. The combination means that I’m hitting shorter irons into greens, watching them kick forward … and then watching them roll off the back.

I realized quickly that I had to adjust my planning. But I’m still rolling them off the back. I’ve got to learn to land them short and watch them run up.

I get the same roll around the greens. That’s ok, though, because I’ve never been one to hit a flop. I like to chip and let it run. I’ve always felt better about getting the ball rolling.

The feel of the balls is very nice. Off the clubface, I get a distinct sense of purpose. The Duo is indeed soft, but not mushy. I make contact, and they go.

Off the driver and fairway metals, on the other hand, I’m still not sure if I’m getting any more distance. They are very accurate, though. And keeping the ball in the fairway nets more distance any way you look at it.

This is a good ball, and one I’ll keep playing.

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