Winter Golf Fitness Classes At Washtenaw GC

Winter Golf Fitness Classes At Washtenaw GC

Winter Golf Fitness Classes At Washtenaw GC

With winter poised to shut down regular rounds, Washtenaw Golf Club has an opportunity for golfers to stay golf fit and get a head start on the next season.

Jim Olsen, a Functional Golf Movement Specialist, is offering personalized Functional Movement Sessions at Washtenaw Golf Club.

The outcome of these sessions will increase the golfer’s strength, flexibility, endurance, and power. The sessions will also improve a golfer’s ability to perform the movements suggested by their Swing Coach.

Call to sign up: 517-673-6065

Olsen will be offering two distinct Classes to aid the Golfer:

Introduction to 3-D MAPS MOVEMENT CLASS 101
(Three-Dimensional Movement and Analysis Performance Systems) Instructor: Jim Olsen, Olsen Golf Fitness LLC

In this session, I will give instruction on the basics of the three-dimensional movement of the human body.

The enormous benefit of the 3-D MAPS system is that it has the capacity to impact every joint, muscle and ligament in the body.

The class will instruct on six (6) movements that you will learn to apply to the specifics of your body and your life.
I will put them into all three (3) planes of motion and
adding the subtle variety of multiple foot placements and angles of rotation; this creates exponential options allowing these basic movements to be tailor-made for each individual’s specific body.

These specific exercises warm-up the body will encouraging flexibility, create strength and ultimately add endurance to the participant’s fitness level.

While these exercises will have a positive impact on any form of movement that a person engages in, they can be adapted to prepare the body for a specific sport.

Practiced daily, this routine will aid in injury prevention and keep an individual in the best “ready” position for the day’s activities.

This is a great routine for injury rehabilitation to reclaim range of motion and return an individual to an optimal fitness level. It is also a great way toend the day to get the most restful sleep for a toned body.

Deciding to include this exercise regime as a part of a daily routine, you can expect to feel better and stronger as you journey through life.

Class size is limited to six (6) individuals.
Cost is based on a group rate.

The other winter golf fitness class :

Introduction to GOLF MAPS MOVEMENT CLASS 201
(Movement Analysis Performance Systems)
Instructor: Jim Olsen, Olsen Golf Fitness LLC

In this session, I will introduce the participant to the sport specific benefits of 3-D MAPS as offered in the Movement 101 Class to the game of Golf.

These exercise movements will replicate the golf game and translate the authentic movement of the golf swing from the classroom to the golf course.

With access to approximately two hundred and fifty (250) golf specific exercises; every golfer can be assured that their specific golf swing issues can be addressed.

Having been certified as a Functional Golf Specialist in 2018 under the teaching of the Gray InstituteÒ Functional Golf System, I have been instructed by Dr. Dave Tiberio, PhD, PT, FAFS and by Jonathon Moore, BS, FAFS, and PGA Professional. This Certification allows my access to the Gray InstituteÒ Golf App.

Upon completion of this Class, the golfer will be able to prepare their body to engage in the best round of golf that they are able to play. Combining warm-up exercises that meet your specific needs with an on-going routine of Golf 3-D MAPS will provide the golfer with an increased level of physical fitness. The golfer will experience success in transferring these practice golf movements onto the golf course.

Class size is limited to six (6) golfers.
Cost is based on a group rate.

Olsen is the product of the world-renowned Gray Institute,  under the direction of Dr. Gary Gray.

The Gray Institute formerly partnered with Nike Golf to certify  Golf Teachers and Coaches with leading edge understanding of  Golf Movement Science.

Olsen attained that Certification and went on to become a Functional Golf Specialist after completing the study under Dr. David Tiberio, Dean of the Gray Institute and Jonathan Moore, Director of Golf for the Gray Institute.

In addition, Olsen is a graduate of the Gray Institute’s G.I.F.T. Fellowship Program,  (Gray Institute for Functional Transformation) which is the equivalent of a Graduate Degree in  Applied Functional Science and Chain Reaction.  

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