Wisconsin Golf Deals Book

My Birdie Book is a discount golf book that’s sold as a fundraiser by high school golf teams across the state of Wisconsin. If you’re in Wisconsin, check with your local teams to see if you can support them.

From the publisher:

Do you play golf in Wisconsin?  If you do, definitely check out the Birdie Book.  The Birdie Book is Wisconsin’s statewide discount golf book and it was first released in 2010.  The 2011 book will be printed in mid January and will incorporate over 180 great WI golf courses.  This full color, $20.00 book features a minimum of 2 aggressive tee time specials per golf course so you can save big bucks no matter where you play golf.  It’s also a great way to get out & try a new course without breaking the bank.  No more expensive discount golf cards or expensive packages, “My” Birdie Book has it all.  In fact they also have local golf shops offering aggressive coupons.  Nevada Bob’s in Madison & The Golf Headquarters in Onalaska both have 20% off their merchandise.  If you need a set of clubs or even just a wedge, definitely check in to the Birdie Book before check out.  At its minimal $20.00 price point you can’t go wrong even if you’re going to play just once or twice.  They have just about every course in the Wisconsin Dells area and hundreds of others that will challenge your game.  Swing by the Birdie Book’s official website at http://www.MyBirdieBook.com for a complete list of their participating courses and specials.  You won’t be disappointed and you can pre order the book today!

As a high school teacher and former golf coach, I’m generally in favor of any sort of public-private partnership to benefit the kids. For years, I’ve joked that I want to be the first teacher sponsored by Nike Golf—or TaylorMade Adidas. I’d wear their gear every day, and put a little logo on the bottom of every PowerPoint.

On a more serious note, I buy books like these whenever my students are selling them. To be sure, however, I don’t get that much use out of them. For me, golf is a solitary pursuit, and I nearly always walk. The coupons, on the other hand are for the most part for groups who ride. But its for a good cause and the price is usually low enough that just a couple of rounds pays for the book.

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