Woman Killed As Minivan Hits Golf Cart

A 34 year old woman was killed when the golf cart she was driving was hit by a minivan on Route 16 in New Hampshire. The other three passengers were injured, as was the driver of the minivan. Police said alcohol was a factor, but nowhere have I read why the cart was on the highway. That just seems to be asking for trouble.

2 thoughts on “Woman Killed As Minivan Hits Golf Cart”

  1. The article states that the accident happened near a campground.  I wonder if the cart was either a loaner from the campground, or the cart belonged to one of the campers.  In any case, carts as well as 4-wheelers and other small vehicles are not uncommon around campgrounds. 

    Why on the highway is somewhat troubling, but it may have been normal for campers to travel up to a store or restaurant on the road, perhaps they are supposed to be off the side or such, but it could have happened for years without incident. 

    Lastly, it says alcohol was a factor, but it doesn’t say who was drinking- it could have been idiots in a golf cart driving where they shouldn’t or it could have been the van driver.


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