Women Are The Solution To The Golf Industry’s Woes

Here’s the obvious solution for the so-called “crisis in golf”: get more women involved.

At the clubs I’ve played, women constitute a very small fraction of the players on the course. My guess is that they represent perhaps twenty percent golfers. Given that, the industry could easily solve the rounds played problem by turning women from a rarity to a common sight.

(All of this presumes, of course, that the “crisis” actually exists. I think there’s a good chance that it is nothing more than whining by manufacturers and developers over self-inflicted wounds.)

One golf organization that seems to have figured this out is Billy Casper Golf. In 2013, Billy Casper Golf acquired a golf networking organization called “Women On Course,” which seeks to increase women’s participation in the sport. Women on Course hosts more than 20,000 women at some 2,000 events in major markets across the United States. Memberships, starting at $129, include discounts, gifts, educational resources, event privileges and access to private clubs. Women On Course tries to attract and retain women golfers by shifting the focus from scores and competition to run, golf-lifestyles, relationships and networking

As Women On Course moves forward, the organization has expanded its partnership with Wilson Golf as their “Official Golf Club.” New Wilson customers receive a complimentary, trial WOC Individual Membership. Wilson also will place the WOC logo on the packaging of approximately 50,000 sets of Profile game-improvement golf equipment.  Custom displays are available at nearly 100 BCG-managed courses nationwide, promoting WOC “On Course” membership that offers preferred pricing on Wilson equipment.

“Expanding our relationship with Women on Course helps make it more attractive to current and prospective members,” says Doug Thiel, Director of Marketing for Wilson.  “Its mantra of creating a supportive atmosphere where women learn, improve and play golf at their own pace aligns with our goals of increasing female participation.”

“Wilson makes great equipment that helps the average woman golfer enjoy the game more,” says Donna Hoffman, President and Founder of WOC.  “We all remember those one or two solid hits in a round that remind us why we love the game.”

Wilson has a long history with Women’s golf, having endorsed greats like LPGA Founding Member Patty Berg. 

I for one look forward to seeing more women on the course.

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