Women’s Golf Tournament Held At Washtenaw Golf Club In 1927

Women's Golf Tournament Held At Washtenaw Golf Club In 1927

The recent addition of new, more forward, teeing grounds at Washtenaw Golf Club reminded me that Washtenaw Country Club had a history of welcoming women golfers. Of the first 99 members, 11 were women golfers. On July 22, 1920, the Washtenaw Women’s Golf Association was organized at the club.

Shockingly for the time, the first mixed foursomes matches took place in 1922. Four men refused to participate. They were perhaps afraid of being beaten. The event went on nonetheless.

The article posted above, from the July 10, 1927 Detroit Free Press, reports on a women’s golf tournament held at Washtenaw Golf Club. Two hundred were in attendance for the event.

Mrs. Russell Pipp, Mrs. A.S. Lyndon and Mrs. J.E. McCallister took honors. It is interesting that — following the custom of the time — the women were identified by their husband’s names. Things have changed.

A large fireworks display followed.

It all sounds like a perfect way to celebrate the week of Independence Day.

Washtenaw Country Club now is the Washtenaw Golf Club, and is open to the public. Washtenaw is my local course, and as a social studies teacher, I am thrilled to play a place so rich in history. It’s the third oldest club in Michigan and is still played on the original grounds.

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