Women’s PGA Championship Winners and History

Women’s PGA Championship Winners And History

Rebranded and re-imagined in 2015, the KPMG Women’s PGA Championship is the successor to the long-running LPGA Championship.

In its various incarnations, the LPGA Championship  is the second oldest of the LPGA’s “majors.” The inaugural event was held in 1955, as part of an effort to give the fledgling tour more opportunities for its players.

Starting in  2015, the tournament will be known as the Women’s PGA Championship, and will be conducted by the PGA of America. The change apparently both a necessity and an opportunity for the LPGA. The LPGA Championship was without a sponsor and in danger of disappearing. But a collaboration between LPGA Commissioner Mike Whan and PGA of America Pete Bevacqua has not only saved the tournament but also elevated its stature. The PGA of America also gets the opportunity to add some gender equality to the PGA Championship, which has run since 1916.

Over the long history of the Women’s PGA Championship / LPGA Championship, the legendary Mickey Wright holds the record with four titles (1958, 1960, 1961, 1963).

The tournament was known simply as the LPGA Championship from 1955 – 1970. In 1971 – 1972, it acquired a sponsor in Eve, a cigarette brand. The LPGA Championship went without a name sponsor from 1973 – 1986. From 1987 to 1993, it was the Mazda LPGA Championship. McDonald’s picked up the mantle in 1994, and stayed under various names until 2009. Beginning in 2010, Wegman’s, a supermarket chain, became title sponsor. Starting in 2015, financial services company KPMG will be the title sponsor.

The complete list of Women’s PGA Championship Winners follows:


YearChampionCountryScorePurse ($)
KPMG Women’s PGA Championship
2018Park Sung-hyunSouth Korea278 (-10 PO)3,650,000
2017Danielle KangUnited States271 (-13)3,500,000
2016Brooke HendersonCanada278 (-6)3,500,000
2015Inbee park (3) South Korea273 (-19)3,500,000
LPGA Championship
2014 Inbee Park (2) South Korea 277 (-11)2,250,000
2013Inbee Park South Korea283 (–5)2,250,000
2012Shanshan Feng China282 (–6)2,500,000
2011Yani Tseng (2) Taiwan269 (–19)2,500,000
2010Cristie Kerr United States269 (–19)2,250,000
2009Anna Nordqvist Sweden273 (–15)2,000,000
2008Yani Tseng Taiwan276 (–12)2,000,000
2007Suzann Pettersen Norway274 (–14)2,000,000
2006Se Ri Pak (3) South Korea280 (–8)1,800,000
2005Annika Sörenstam (3) Sweden277 (–11)1,800,000
2004Annika Sörenstam (2) Sweden271 (–13)1,600,000
2003Annika Sörenstam Sweden278 (–6)1,600,000
2002Se Ri Pak (2) South Korea279 (–5)1,500,000
2001Karrie Webb Australia270 (–14)1,500,000
2000Juli Inkster (2) United States281 (–3)1,400,000
1999Juli Inkster United States268 (–16)1,400,000
1998Se Ri Pak South Korea273 (–11)1,300,000
1997Christa Johnson United States281 (–3)1,200,000
1996Laura Davies (2) England213 (E)1,200,000
1995Kelly Robbins United States274 (–10)1,200,000
1994Laura Davies England279 (–5)1,100,000
1993Patty Sheehan (3) United States275 (–9)1,000,000
1992Betsy King United States267 (–17)1,000,000
1991Meg Mallon United States274 (–10)1,000,000
1990Beth Daniel United States280 (–4)1,000,000
1989Nancy Lopez (3) United States274 (–14)500,000
1988Sherri Turner United States281 (–7)350,000
1987Jane Geddes United States275 (–13)350,000
1986Pat Bradley United States277 (–11)300,000
1985Nancy Lopez (2) United States275 (–15)250,000
1984Patty Sheehan (2) United States272 (–16)250,000
1983Patty Sheehan United States279 (–9)200,000
1982Jan Stephenson Australia279 (–9)200,000
1981Donna Caponi (2) United States280 (–8)150,000
1980Sally Little South Africa285 (–3)150,000
1979Donna Caponi United States279 (–9)150,000
1978Nancy Lopez United States275 (–13)150,000
1977Chako Higuchi Japan279 (–9)150,000
1976Betty Burfeindt United States287 (–5)55,000
1975Kathy Whitworth (3) United States288 (–4)55,000
1974Sandra Haynie (2) United States287 (–5)50,000
1973Mary Mills (2) United States288 (–4)35,000
1972Kathy Ahern United States293 (+1)50,000
1971Kathy Whitworth (2) United States288 (–4)53,000
1970Shirley Englehorn United States285 (–7)30,000
1969Betsy Rawls (2) United States293 (+1)35,000
1968Sandra Post Canada294 (+2)20,000
1967Kathy Whitworth United States284 (–8)17,500
1966Gloria Ehret United States282 (–2)16,500
1965Sandra Haynie United States279 (–5)17,500
1964Mary Mills United States278 (–6)16,500
1963Mickey Wright (4) United States294 (+10)16,500
1962Judy Kimball United States282 (–2)15,000
1961Mickey Wright (3) United States287 (+3)15,000
1960Mickey Wright (2) United States292 (–4)8,500
1959Betsy Rawls United States288 (–8)7,500
1958Mickey Wright United States288 (+8)7,500
1957Louise Suggs United States285 (+5)7,600
1956Marlene Hagge United States291 (–9)6,500
1955Beverly Hanson United States4&36,000

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