Wood Shafted Club Selection On Ebay

A collector has put his collection of 16,000 wood shafted golf clubs on Ebay. The starting bid is $800,000. The listing is below:

Wood Shafted Club Collection

Own the world’s largest collection of rare antique wood shafted golf clubs. Sixteen thousand (16,000). Putters, irons, woods, line scored, dot punched, smooth face, long nose, scare head, socket head, fancy-face, rare to common. Large number of sets restored to playable condition. All museum quality. Also lotsw of related antique golf items: trophy’s balls, pictures, ceramics and too many items to mention. Currently have active market through major catalogs and web-site. Hold your own antique golf tournaments and play golf like they did 100 years ago. Once in a lifetime opportunity. None of the shipping catagories apply. Requires special boxing and likely freight shipping.Estimate 60 days required to properly pack clubs, balls etc for shipping.  All these expenses will be at buyers expense. Inspection welcomed at Austin, TX USA

I’ve always wanted to play with hickory clubs. Now if only I could hit the lottery.

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