Woodlawn Golf Club Review

Woodlawn Golf Club Review
The ninth at Woodlawn is a 381 yard par 4.

Woodlawn Golf Club Review

Woodlawn Golf Club
Adrian, Michigan
Grade: C+
Teacher’s Comments: A pleasant community course. It’s really short, though.

Woodlawn Golf Club is a friendly little course in Adrian, Michigan. Built in 1960, this parklands style course bills itself as “Golf’s Crown Jewel of Southeast Michigan.”

I am not sure about the “Crown Jewel” part, but Woodlawn is enjoyable. The layout is tight, with tees following closely after the greens. Neatly maintained trees line the fairways. The rolling terrain is eminently walkable.

However, Woodlawn is also a short course by modern standards. From the tips, Woodlawn manages to eke out just 6040 yards, playing to a 69.1/118. The middle tees are in at 5160 yards and play to 64.6/107. The forward tees are just 4, 561 yards and play 65.5/110.

A bogey golfer can have a really good day here. I nearly always play from the tees that come closest to 6,000 yards — which usually are somewhat forward. At Woodlawn, 6K means the back tees.

Despite the overall lack of length, Woodlawn sports a couple of monster par 5s (which in turn, means that the other holes are that much shorter). The tenth is a 550 yard par 5. The twelfth comes in at 540 yards.

For the bogey golfer, those holes are driver – three wood – three wood- wedge, then hope to one putt.

Woodlawn also has some of the shortest par 4s I can remember playing. The fourth is just 269 yards. That’s a par 3 on many courses. The par 4 thirteenth is 260 yards from the tips, while the 16th is 265. All of these straightforward shots, so the greens are drive-able for many, and just a drive and pitch for others.

A saving grace is that nearly all of the holes have some sort of elevation change. That creates some interesting decisions in club selection.

My favorite hole was the 385 yard par 4 third. Beginning on a hillock, the fairway heads dips down and then rises again to a crest between two rows of trees. From the crest, it dips down again, then rises to the green. It was fun.

Conditions on the day I played were pretty good. The small greens all were in good shape. The fairways were all grown in with a combination of grass and not-grass. But overall, the course was quite tidy. Management takes good care of Woodlawn.

I wouldn’t mind returning to Woodlawn Golf Club for another round in the future.

The Woodlawn Golf club review was first published on Golfblogger.Com on June 2, 2020 from a round played June 1. For all of GolfBlogger’s Michigan Golf Course Reviews, follow the link.

A photo tour of Woodlawn Golf Club follows:

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