Woods Builds Insurmountable World Golf Ranking Lead

Thanks to his PGA Victory, the Striped One has built an insurmountable lead in the World Golf Ranking—extending his lead by to 12 points.

Here are last weeks’s top ten:
Woods 18.73
Mickelson 9.23
Furyk 7.64
Singh 7.61
Goosen 6.57
Scott 5.93
Els 5.80
Ogilvy 5.78
Garcia 5.10
Howell 4.99

And this week’s:

Woods 20.99
Mickelson 8.93
Furyk 7.67
Singh 7,32
Goosen 6.49
Scott 6.42
Ogilvy 5.98
Els 5.88
Garcia 5.72
Donald 5.42

The most notable change is that Howell has dropped out of the top ten in favor of Donald. Ogilvy and Els have switched places.

But it doesn’t matter. They might was well shut this competition down. The way the rankings are set up, it’ll be years before anyone has a chance of even getting close to Tiger.

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1 thought on “Woods Builds Insurmountable World Golf Ranking Lead”

  1. What do you think of the Captain’s picks?
    Stewart Cink makes sense to me. He’s close to the Top10 and has been hot lately.

    But Scott Verplank, no. 20?  Just seems quite odd … apparently a straight driver … but, still?

    Too bad Jerry Kelly wasn’t picked. He seems like he would be a great guy to have on the team.

    I’m glad they didnt pick Davis. He’s been so cold this year, he just honestly doesnt deserve to be on the team. His bad weekend at the PGA after a hot start likely sealed the deal.

    Please add on comments!


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