Woods, Cink, Johnson, Fowler

Tiger Woods, Stewart Cink, Zach Johnson and Rickie Fowler are Cory Pavin’s Captain’s picks for the upcoming Ryder Cup. Let the Monday Morning Quarterbacking begin . . .

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2 thoughts on “Woods, Cink, Johnson, Fowler”

  1. Pavin missed the perfect storm.
    Think outside of the box people.
    With the way the golf world had Tigers affairs and the recent DQ’s, this would have rounded out the season.
    I would have had following to start my team: Bubba Waston,Hunter,Fowler,O’hair,Kim,Moore Ryan,Barnes,Kuchar,dustin johnson,Snedeker,
    MacKenize and another wild child. mostly all young bloods to get a good training for years to come for these players, a thrill for all, better dressed and pavin would have looked liked the crazest captain. This would haved been a RYDER Team. instead it will be boring,we will dress like crap and the euro’s will win.

  2. well … he’s certainly going to be motivated (woods of course) and if anybody can work twice as hard to get ready for an event like this i think he can.

    now to say that he deserves it … that’s another issue.


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