Woods May Have Risked Health For Victory

As I suspected, Tiger was risking further injury to the knee by playing the US Open At Torrey Pines:

After deflecting questions all week about his left knee that 10 weeks ago was operated on for the third time, Woods, 32, finally admitted he’d been told by doctors he had risked further injury to his knee by playing in the national championship.

Had he re-injured it?

“Maybe,” Woods said, again not wanting to go into details.

What is clear is we won’t see Woods for a while, perhaps not even at next month’s British Open at Royal Birkdale, a place where he finished second to buddy Mark O’Meara in 1998.

“To be honest, I really don’t know,” Woods said when asked when he will return. “I’ve got to shut it down. But I’m not real good at listening to doctor’s orders.”

Heroic, but stupid. That’s a billion dollar knee we’re talking about. The television commentator said over and again how much he depended on snapping that knee to get the extra yards when he needs it. Tiger could have skipped half this season, and people would have understood. How sad it would be to realize that future brilliance was lost for the same of a US Open title at Torrey Pines.

3 thoughts on “Woods May Have Risked Health For Victory”

  1. Stop hating on Tiger Woods. There was barely a single nice word about him in your analysis of Monday’s action. Add to that your Schadenfreude post about him risking his career playing with a bum knee. Funny, people claim to want heroism from their athletes, but when it’s staring them right in the face they turn into Mother Scold and talk about how the athlete should have done the “prudent” or “reasonable” thing rather than going all out. What did you expect Tiger to do, drop out of the U.S. Open when he had a chance to win it?

    And this is coming from someone who’s not that big a Tiger Woods fan, and who cheered against Tiger for much of his career just to see Somebody Else win a tournament. But something changed this past weekend, perhaps on Saturday when he made the two eagles on the back nine. At that point I decided to stop fighting it and simply sit back and enjoy the greatness unfolding before our eyes.

  2. I know. I wrote that comment having learned the news. Sounds to me like he would have had to have surgery on his knee anyway (for the microfracture on his knee). I guess we will never know how if or how much he damaged it playing the Open.


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